importance of confinement after giving birth

Postpartum confinement is well-documented in China, where the custom is known as "sitting the month". You can still practice confinement without all the extra help, though! You might choose to not wear underwear at home, to reduce discomfort. What to eat during your confinement period? Some women experience a common condition called Diastasis recti, which is essentially a splitting of the abdominal wall. This is the result of both increased urination and perspiration. Luxury options are a business. By the time you go into labor, your uterus is 15 times heavier than its pre-pregnancy size. Your hair may lose its luster. Confinement food is a meal which is prepared during a new mother’s confinement period. This has been adapted into a form of Thai massage. This is the time when these mothers should eat a healthy diet to recover soon. bathing or washing hair), to exert themselves by climbing stairs, to read books or cry, to sew, or to have sex. To me, this sounded like an outrage. The Western world may not be familar with the many rites that accompanies a woman who had just given birth. Confinement food is a meal which is prepared during a new mother’s confinement period. In Hindu culture, this time after childbirth was traditionally considered a period of relative impurity (asaucham), and a period of confinement of 10–40 days (known as purudu) was recommended for the mother and the baby. Watch for any signs of infection – such as red, inflamed skin – and clean the wound with warm water and plain soap. One of the gifts presented to the new mother in Renaisssance Florence was a desco da parto, a special form of painted tray. Mum and baby are said to be in confinement because they are effectively "quarantined" at home. Sex after stitches may be a little painful or uncomfortable. In Persian culture it is called chilla, i.e. Eat a variety of foods. This is a phenomenon found across the globe, including in high-income countries in the recent past. Mo gave this treatment an endearing name: All new mothers look forward to a period of recuperation after a long pregnancy and strenuous labor and delivery. To get in touch with Quality Confinement Home & Spa for more information or consultation, you may call them at 010-900-5878, email them at or visit them in person at 68, Lorong Margosa, Taman Luyang Phase 8, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Various information have been extracted from and I myself have experienced anxiety and OCD during my postpartum period four months after I gave birth to my son in 2007. The custom, documented as far back as the year 960[11], is referred to as 'confinement' as women are advised to stay indoors for recovery from the trauma of birth and feed the newborn baby. Make sure to take your doctor’s advice before you hit the gym or put on your running shoes – being too ambitious with your exercise plans after childbirth can be counterproductive. Japanese women know it as "Sango no hidachi" and Korean women as sanhujori, which means "recovery after giving birth". [16] Thai Australians who had had caesarian sections felt that they did not need to - in fact, ought not to - undergo these rituals.[17]. It draws on principles that emphasize activities and foods that keep the body warm, rest and relaxation to maximize the body's return to its normal state, maintaining cleanliness, eating nutritious foods, and peace of mind and heart. Another essential thing that most mums do not realise is that they need some “Me Time” after giving birth. Chinese postnatal confinement, known as 坐月子 (zuò yuè zi, sitting the month or doing the month) with its many strict traditional guidelines, prompts many real-time debates and online discussions. Many women think when it comes to confinement, it means they need to eat lots of tonic herbs. A special diet to facilitate milk production and increase hemoglobin levels is followed. She followed the confinement tradition after giving birth to each of us in Singapore. Go slowly, use a lot of water-based lubricants, and if you don’t want to become pregnant again, consider your contraceptive choices (it’s a myth that breastfeeding is a contraceptive – you can definitely still get pregnant while nursing! The use of yue sao, a specialist carer translated in Canada as "postpartum doula",[23] is also very common in China. Childbirth is openly discussed in today's society. We probably don’t have to tell you this but giving birth is no easy task and will require adequate rest afterwards. If you’ve had a C-section, your scar will be puffy, slightly raised and a little darker than the skin around it. [12] (See Couvade.). The Taboos of a Confinement Period After Giving Birth. In the event of a stillbirth, the period of impurity for both parents was 24 hours.[18]. After the birth, you’ll bleed quite heavily for about a week. But generally, this bonus only lasts for the term of the pregnancy itself, and you may find your hair falling out in the months after your baby is born. How Long Is The Confinement Period after Giving Birth? And what goes up (in size) must come down. [24] They are described as "mothering the mother". If you had a vaginal delivery, your vagina will be swollen and bruised for a few days (up to a week) after birth. The 2016 review that quoted them cites customs from around the world, from Biblical times to modern Greece: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, From the data it seems that women were housebound for a number of days after the birth and the length of this period of seclusion varied by caste or ethnic group [in Nepal]. Thai immigrants to Sweden report using the steam bath to heal after childbirth, although the correct ingredients are not easy to find. Prescriptive literature emphasized the importance of family and, specifically, children for maintaining the health of the civic body. [15] The resting itself is known as sam chil il. 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For most women, this feeling subsides significantly by the ten-day mark. In USA, 30 to 50 per cent still experience postpartum mood disorder which includes anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and more. Japanese women know it as "Sango no hidachi" and Korean women as sanhujori, which means "recovery after giving birth".In Latin American countries it is called la cuarentena, i.e. Many Singaporean women still practice confinement after giving birth, but it can be pricy hiring a confinement lady. There are many different confinement practices around the world. In some c… Confinement, part of the Asian culture, involves the prohibition of doing certain daily tasks and the restriction of certain food intake. To maintain hygiene, it is necessary to wear clean clothes. Visitors are not allowed to come until about 2 weeks after birth, to allow the new mom to settle in, and to allow the baby to build up immunity. August 12, 2009. The confinement period is vital for a new mum to restore her strength, so she can focus on caring for her newborn. Here are the rough breakdowns: WEEK 1 FOCUSES ON WOUND RECOVERY AND IMPROVE APPETITE. In her post, Mo described her mother’s firm belief of the importance of avoiding ‘wind’ after birth: having too much wind in the body “could lead to arthritis and the inability to hold your pee/poo in when you’re older.” In the post, you will see wonderful pictures of the careful preparation of the confinement spa.

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